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  1. Have a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people
  2. Promote your business, events and offerings in our global Directory
  3. Get reviews to improve your reputation
  4. Connect, collaborate and exchange referrals for your business
  5. Receive coupons on selected member's services
  6. Nurture lasting relationships at our networking events
Forever Free!
Develop Followers into Leaders and Leaders in Change Agents through life long learning, growth-mindset, improved skillset and toolset. Community, Accountability, Goal Setting and Training. $19/month IGNITING LEADERS IN LIFE & BUSINESS Connect Leaders & Develop Life Long Learners
  • Access to on-demand training in the Education Hub
  • Join our Accountability Group
  • Access to Goal Setting Self-Mastery Workshop
  • Lifetime access to resources and tools
  • Early bird special to L&L events
Become a Legend! Develop and grow your personal brand and business as an Author, Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Thought Leader... Share your knowledge via our Education Hub to shift from an Expert to an Authority. $102/ every 6 months TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS INSPIRED TO BECOME LEGENDS
  • Connect Authors, Coach, Speakers, Trainers & Thought Leaders
  • Education Hub to deliver your courses and workshops online
  • Community coaching group calls
  • Live group training for personal & professional development
  • Business Strategy & Personal Branding Kit: Business model canvas, goal setting & action plan
  • Discount on vendor tables or speaking opportunities at events
$102/ every 6 months
Leave a Legacy! Right vision to achieve expansion and entrepreneurial freedom. Be positioned to exploit emerging markets from disruptive innovation with new digital marketing. $180/year INFLUENTIAL LEGENDS LEAVING A LEGACY
  • Connect creative entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Discount on our paradigm-shift Publishing package for authors
  • Discount on one-on-one coaching
  • Discount on customized courses and workshops
  • Discount on digital transformation consulting to optimize your business
  • Discount on events, marketplace and brand showcase